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34.4° Skin Care

34.4º is a small business with a social conscience. We donate 3.44% of all our profits to the Natural Beekeeping Trust, which promotes bee awareness.

Why? We would not be able to make our products without bees, which are in danger of succumbing to disease because of lowered immune system mite infestations. We believe this may be caused by intensive honey harvesting, with bees being fed sugar.

What about our name? Oh, we wondered when you’d get round to asking. Well, it’s the optimum temperature for a brood to thrive in the heart of the beehive.

We support the Natural Beekeeping Trust by donating 3.44% of every sale (even before profit) to them. This year we’ve paid for a Freedom Hive. Freedom Hives are insulated homes for bees to swarm to in the countryside. They are a safe haven for wild bees to be free from human interference and honey harvesting.

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