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Blue Hour London

Blue Hour: A time between dusk and dawn when you are lost in the moment, anything is possible and the concept of time ceases to exist.

The sun and the moon colliding in the sky creates Blue Hour London's signature symbol.

Blue Hour London is a contemporary leather accessories label based in east London and founded on the principles of slow fashion. Every Blue Hour London product is carefully handcrafted. A unique blend of artisan craft, contemporary minimalism and vivid colours is at the heart of the Blue Hour London's designs.

Lauren Clowes is Blue Hour London's founder. Her focus is on UK manufacturing and sourcing quality English and European materials. Lauren takes pride in using traditional craft methods to produce leather goods in-house.

Since Blue Hour London was created it has been involved in numerous shopping events, including Stylist Live, Le Boutique Bazaar, Sunday Up Market, The Artisan Market, This is Fashion Sunday, Winter Wonderland, I for Detail, Wasted Chic , Craft central. Lone Designers Club as well as exhibiting pieces at The Curious Duke Gallery.

Blue Hour London can be seen every Saturday at Broadway Market in East London.

Lauren's vision for the brand is also her attitude to life. Have fun, be colourful and make people smile. Be proud and own your unique style.

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