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Karin Andréasson

Karin Andréasson is a Swedish jewellery designer who makes everything by hand in her Hackney studio, just off London Fields. She lives with her husband and two young children in Whitechapel.

With a passion for jewellery that began in childhood, Karin is truly immersed in her craft, striving to produce pieces that, as an antidote to an increasingly throw-away society, will last and always look lovely. Inspiration comes from ‘anything and everywhere,’ with hints of a happy upbringing in rural Sweden in the mix, but there is a timeless, elegant quality to Karin’s work that transcends fashion and trends.

Studies in glass design, combined with complementary skills and experience, give Karin a unique take on the discipline. She happily spends hour after hour in her East London studio, sketching out ideas and exploring different materials before finalising and producing the pieces – ranging from the most delicate, geometric designs to more overtly organic forms, all of which share a minimalist, ethereal quality that has become her trademark.

As well as a yearly collection, for both her core brand and a successful diffusion line, Karin loves to take on private commissions. Having recently completed several engagement and wedding rings, the bespoke side of the business is flourishing and it's an aspect of the craft that Karin finds ever-more inspiring.

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