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My Name is Sabine Gerth and I was born in Hamburg / Germany.
From an early age on I loved making things. My parents encouraged me to go to the library, where I found out that they did not just provide books but also afternoons of “basteln”, which I embraced and went there every wednesday afternoon! And I would continue at home, mostly making fiddly little things with beads or Fimo.

After finishing school I decided to study communications design with a focus on Typography which I enjoyed very much, but after my degree decided to have the courage to enter the fashion world: So I went off to Berlin to study again: Fashion this time! After finishing my degree I decided to move to London and do some internships and started working for an accessories designer which I stayed at for almost 4 years.

After a bereavement I needed some time off and started to design and make for myself which got great feedback from my friends and so S¯Gerth was born!Handmade leather accessories.

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