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Temaki Bros

Foodwise, our offerings fit into three categories:

Temaki - sushi handrolls that are our speciality.  Always made fresh to order, ranges from Tuna and cucumber with spring onions, salmon with avocados and Japanese Mayo, our signature Spicy Tuna Crunch - tuna tartared with spring onions, tempura flakes, our 7-spice togarashi on a bed of cucumber.  We also have made some obscured rolls like a steak and shiso leaf, a sea bream and fennel and a seared scallop served with a yuzu infused soy.

Donburi - Rice bowls - Our most popular are Chicken Katsu, with Japanese BBQ sauce, Aubergine and Sweet Potato Katsu, with a Citrus infused BBQ sauce and slow cooked Tori Teri Don, a derivative of a chicken teriyaki, slow cooked for about 6 hours and finished with honey under a grill.  Recently we have also introduced a Aburi Chashu Donburi, a 36 hour sous vide pork belly, sliced thin and seared by blow torch. These are typically served with an Asian slaw and pickles and on a bed of rice.

Bites and Pieces - Tapas or starter plates. Favourites include: sake tosa zukuri, a lightly seared salmon in a yuzu and grapefruit ponzo; Trio of Tuna Cubes, one is seared in a soy mirin glaze, one is fried in panko breadcrumbs for 15 seconds to give a crisp outside and delicate pink flesh inside and the last is marinated in a citrus glaze and wrapped in a sesame crust; edamame with shisho salt.  We also have a couple of salads, the favourite is a spiralized cucumber salad with our signature sesame dressing. Another vegan option is our Aubergine Katsu stack.

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