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This is a selection of dishes served regularly at the market.

  • Bourek w Feta, Mozzarella, Halloumi, Spring Onions, Chives, Sesame and Onions Seeds @ £3.50 each
  • Salat Oliv’ye w Potatoes, Peas, Gherkins, Carrots, Eggs, Dill, Mayo @ £5.00 per portion (V)
  • Beetroot w Prunes, Walnuts, Lemon Juice, Mayo @ £5.00 per portion (V)
  • ‘Korean’ Carrots w Cayenne Pepper, Spices, Chillies, Lemon Juice @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Marinated Mushrooms w Lemon Juice, Dill, Garlic @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Chilli Lime Slaw w Red and White Cabbage, Carrots, Chillies, Coriander, Mint @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Aubergine Caviar w Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Griddled, Marinated Aubergine w Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Smokey Aubergine w Tahini, Lemon Juice, Mayo, Garlic @ £5.00 per portion (V, GF)
  • Roasted Cauliflower w Tahini, Sesame Seeds @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes w Tahini, Sesame Seeds @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG, GF)
  • Bulgar w Harissa, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Herbs, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil @ £5.00 per portion (V, VG)
  • Spanakopita – Filo Pie w Feta, Spinach, Dill, Spring Onions @ £4.00 per slice

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